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    I am using DarkRoom Booth 3 for photobooth rental during weddings.
    I would like people to send phone photos to a specific email address to print them automatically or to be included into the slideshow so that it can be printed with Print Option (thanks to new version 3)
    Can you provide support ?


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    Booth 3 can add images text to a specific number to a slideshow but does not print those. You would need the Twillio service to receive text images too.

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    Thanks Wally for your quick reply !
    I am not sure i correctly explained my need (my English is not perfect) :)

    I look for using your new Instagram Printing option with extending feature : instead of sending to instagram, I would use email.
    Into slideshow, there is instagram, dropbox, email, facebook sources.
    I Would like to make Email section work (it is not explained into your tuto video of Dark3)

    Do you see what I mean ?

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    Yes, you can email photos to include in a slides show but printing only works for Instagram harvested images

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    Ok thanks for the reply.
    Any plan to allow that email harvested images printing into your Darkroom roadmap ?
    Or would you have any alternative ideas to make that possible ?


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    No plans for that feature in Booth but our Core software does that now. You can see more info on Core at http://www.darkroomsoftware.com/products/workflow-software/features/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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