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    Nolan Allen

    how do we update?

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    Click on the Downloads link above and install the update

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    I am very interested in the slow motion with go pro. can users type in their email and get the video clip sennt to them? if not how is the slow motion video clips viewed?

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    We do plan to support emailing the videos but that is not working at this time. we should have that fixed soon. You can display the video on the main booth screen after the session and you can add that to a slideshow on a separate monitor.

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    Is the emailing functionality fixed yet?

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    Video emailing is supported in the latest version 2.5.586

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    Does Darkroom work with the new Go Pro Hero 5 Blacks?

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    I’m also interested in slow motion support for the GoPro 5 Black. Is this already supported or something that will be supported in the future?

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    Currently we support the GoPro Hero 4 silver and black. I dont have an ETA on when the 5 will be added at this time

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    I saw that the gopro hero 4 black is now supported for slow motion video on your website. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to connect to Darkroom. What do I need to do to get darkroom to detect it? I’ve tried USB and bluetooth.

    Thanks in advanced,

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    Eric Woodchek
    Key Master

    Hi Avery,
    I responded to your email.
    Here is a link to the online manual:

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    I have connected my GoPro hero 4 black to DRB, installed ffmpeg, started live view and the screen is blurry like 240p. Is there a way to clear that up? Do I need to configure it a certain way? There’s no way I can show this to clients.

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    Eugene Wise

    Hi Rico,

    Can you try using 720 for the resolution?

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    Hi Eugene,
    I`m using GoPro Hero 4 Silver 120fps medium 8x slowing. The final videos are downscaled to 800×450, and… well, are not the best quality. Is there any way to alter the final resolution? I understand that the price would be longer processing and larger files, but quality should be first.

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