Understanding Aspect Ratio

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aspect ratio

Howdy Booth Users, Today, we are going to talk about an important rule of thumb if you want your print to match what you see on your screen. Aspect Ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the height and width of the image, regardless of size, output or unit of measurement. For example, a 4

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We are very excited to announce Booth Themes available at www.darkroomtemplates.com. We are sure you will love them as they become an awesome new tool to help building your photo booth business. A Booth Theme is a screen template that has all the event setting embedded in to the file. Everything you need to try out

Howdy Photo Booth Friends, For those of you using directly supported printers, this is not an issue because Darkroom will change the print size/cut options automatically. For the rest of us here is a helpful reminder of how to change the print size for a few common printers. Click the link below to see how

Sooner or later you may find yourself in need of tech support and if you do here are a few tips to make that process go smoother. First, go to the source. No one knows your software better than the people who made it. Facebook is great if you have a question on how to

A Wise Idea- Think Outside the Strip.

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Did you know… You can change the size of your print by clicking the “Print Photo” drop-down menu button. Offering other print sizes sets you apart from your competition. This is also a great way to up-sell and customize those extra special events. The best part is many of your printers already handle these larger

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This PDF contains some of the most often troubleshooting tips for Darkroom Booth photo booth software shared by the Darkroom support team. Click here to download Darkroom Booth Troubleshooting Tips

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  This webinar will cover basic photo booth troubleshooting procedures and techniques. Thursday December 3, 2015, 11am – 12pm CST Topics to be covered include: • Printer connectivity and settings • Basic software troubleshooting • Lighting issues • Camera connectivity and settings • Always have a backup plan • Wally’s troubleshooting toolkit Access recorded video

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UPDATE: Windows 10 has since been released and there are no known issues when used with Darkroom products. Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 on July 29th and it will be a free upgrade to all current Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 user. The Darkroom team has tested all of our software products with

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Recommendations for networking two or more computers together. The most reliable way to connect machines is via a wired network, preferably using a Gigabit network for the best performance. The computers need to be on the same “workgroup” so they can see each other. Right-click on My Computer, go to properties, then computer name to

This article contains information on setting up your Darkroom computers for a network environment. Procedure 1. On the server computer right click on my computer and click on properties 2. Click on the tab called computer name and note the full computer name and the workgroup/domain name. Click okay to dismiss these windows. 3. Now