Howdy Core Users, Here is one from our FAQ. “Is there a way to process a bunch of green screen images and save them with a new background, or save them with transparency?” The answer is YES! And it is super easy. Watch this quick video to find out how. Batch Process Green Screen Images With

Updates to Darkroom Core / Pro / Assembly 9.2

Thursday, 16 November 2017 by

Darkroom Software released an update to Darkroom Core / Pro / Assembly 9.2 with numerous bug fixes and added two new features.  The software now allows you to send images to your customers using the carrier select method for sending mms for email to mobile phones and you can now print panoramic images (6×16, 6×24,

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Howdy Photo Booth Friends, Masks are an incredibly versatile design tool that is somewhat complicated to understand. Until now. The term comes masking is a lot more familiar when it is in reference to painting. Yep, I am talking about masking tape. You tape molding and windows to protect certain parts of a wall from being

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  Howdy Boothers, Here are a few quick videos with step by step instructions to help you update and customize you green screen selection templates. The last video is a bonus video that will show you how to update the background graphic when you are using multiple backgrounds in a single session. Updating Graphics Lists pt1

Did you know… If you do not add a live-view to a screen template, Darkroom Booth will automatically use the next available photo object as the live-view. This is really helpful when you need the live-view to move throughout your screen template. This is also helpful if you have a single photo session and you

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With Darkroom Booth 2 you can replace text instructions with video prompts. In this example we used a dancing Santa video with a transparent alpha channel overlaid on a screen shot of the screen display. After adding an appropriate voiceover with instructions we added the video to the booth session in the Device control section

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Here’s a cool trick that is popular at events and tradeshows. You can have Darkroom set to receive photos by email and print them automatically. These instructions show you step by step how to automatically save attachments of emails as they arrive and using Darkrooms Hot folder feature have them print unattended. For the current

After purchasing the upgrade go to http://www.darkroomsoftware.com/support/downloads/ and download the latest version of the product you need (Core, Pro or Assembly Edition). After installing on your computer plug in your hardware protection key or dongle and run the new software. You should get an error message that looks like this: Hold down your shift key

This video will give an overview of the Event Presentation mode in Darkroom. Event Presentation mode can be used alone on a single computer or in combination with Darkroom Pro as a server and Core on Presentation stations to scale up to very large crowds.

Darkroom 9.1 Promo Borders

Monday, 01 April 2013 by

See the Darkroom 9.1 Promotion borders from Synchroplex in action and learn about advanced template features.