Getting to Know Your Template File Types

by / Tuesday, 24 July 2018 / Published in A Wise Idea, Booth, Darkroom Core and Pro, How To
did you know

Howdy Booth and Core users,

Some of you may know that Darkroom Booth uses XBDR files and  Darkroom Core used CRD files but most people don’t know that both Darkroom Core and Booth can use both CRD and XBDR. The CRD format is an older format (Used by Core that is text-based and can be edited by a simple text editor like notepad. Becuase it is textbased all of the graphics used in the template are external to the file and are linked via the file path. The newer XBDR format (used by Booth) embeds the graphic directly into the template making it easier to manage and transfer.

What this means for you.
If you find a template for Booth but you are a Core user you can still use that template and vice versa! This also means if you have an event that needs an actual photographer, any template you have made in Booth will work with Core and vice versa.

If you are a Core Editions user and would like to use the XBDR format click the link below to find out more.
Saving as XBDR in Darkroom Core