How does Booth 2 upgrade work?

by / Wednesday, 10 June 2015 / Published in Booth, Darkroom Booth, How To


Darkroom Booth version 2 is an upgrade over 1.5 and so requires its own activation. When you run Booth 2 for the first time, it will ask you for an activation code. There are two kinds of Booth 2 activation codes, Full Code (i.e. a new 2.0 purchase) and Upgrade Code (this could be a free upgrade or paid).

If you purchased Darkroom Booth after 1/1/2015 = Free Upgrade.
If you purchased Darkroom Booth after 1/1/2015 your old 1.5 code is pre-programmed to work as an Upgrade Code! Please note that you will still need to enter your 1.5 code in order to activate version 2. Your 1.5 code was provided when you purchased your Booth software. (If you no longer have your 1.5 code you will need to contact the company from which you purchased the software.) Once you have your code ready, Download and run Booth 2 and enter your code when prompted. After that you are ready to go.

If you purchased Booth before 1/1/2015 = Paid Upgrade.
If you purchased Booth before 1/1/2015, you will need to purchase an upgrade code. You can purchase an upgrade code here. If you are installing Booth 2 over your existing 1.0 software, all you need is your Upgrade Code. Download and run Booth 2, enter your upgrade code, and you are done.

If you want to install the Booth 2 Upgrade on a new unlicensed computer, you will need your old 1.0 code in addition to your newly purchased Upgrade Code. When you run Booth 2 for the first time, Darkroom will ask for your 2.0 code AND your 1.0 code. When your 1.0 code is entered, Darkroom will license the new computer for 1.0. If it can’t license the new computer, you’ll need to deactivate your old or backup computer. Aft that, you’re all set.

New purchase
If you just purchased a new version today – download and run Booth 2, enter the code you received and you are done.

Thank you for using Darkroom Booth! If you have any questions about Booth software or the upgrade process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at