How To add a custom print size to Darkroom

by / Tuesday, 12 March 2013 / Published in How To

This article includes instructions explaining how to add a custom print size to the list of available prints in the package setup section. The available prints sizes are available by going to the Setup tab, Products and Services, and Package Groups. In order to keep the list of a manageable size only the most commonly used print sizes are included in the initial print list.

The first necessary task is the creation of a CustomPage.ini file. This file contains instructions for the Darkroom software.

1. Click on Start or the Windows icon in the bottom left portion of the window. This will open the Start menu. Within the Start menu, click on the following options: All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. This opens a blank Notepad document.

2. In the blank Notepad document, type in this exact text at the very beginning of the first line: [CustomPageSizes]

3. Press the Enter/Return key on the keyboard.

4. In the Notepad document, you need to add the size or sizes of prints that you would like to add to your Darkroom software. In the text document, type in the size of the print you wish to add, then an equal sign, then, the pixel measurements of the print size. For example, if you wanted to add a 9×13 print size to the list, you would type: 9×13 = 2700, 3900 -By indicating the print size, in this example 9×13, on the left side of the = sign, you are indicating what should be displayed in the Darkroom application. In this example, 9×13 will be displayed on the list of available print sizes. -The two integers that follow the = sign represent the width and height in pixels. In the above example, width = 2700 and height = 3900. Always indicate the width first, then the height. -To calculate the integer values, multiply the number of inches by 300. If you were adding a 9×13 print, you would do the following multiplication to discover the width and height: 9 * 300 = 2700 ; 13 * 300 = 3900 You can do this with any print size, for example a 5×7 print would be entered into the Notepad document as the following: 5×7 = 1500, 2100 To discover the integer values, do the following multiplication: 5 * 300 = 1500 ; 7 * 300 = 2100

5. You can enter multiple sizes into this text document. To enter another print size, press Enter/Return to go to the next line and repeat step 4.

6. Once you complete your list of prints, the file should appear similar to this:

9×13 = 2700, 3900
5×7 = 1500, 2100
12×15 = 3600, 4500
9.5×10.75 = 2850, 3225

Once you have a finished document, save the file to the X: drive. Do not put the document into a sub folder, just on X: is adequate. Name the file CustomPage.ini. By creating a CustomPage.ini document and saving on the X: drive, you will now see a section in the print list of Darkroom called Custom Print Sizes. Just open your ExpressDigital Darkroom software and go to Setup>Products and Services. Choose the package group and package within the group that you wish to add the custom print size to. Once this is chosen, click Add Local Print Item. This option is located on the right side of the package setup screen. The Add Package Item dialogue box will appear. This dialogue has a drop down menu at the top. Open the drop down list and look for the last item on the list called Custom Sizes. When you click on Custom Sizes, each of the sizes you created in the CustomPage.ini document will be available. You can now add these print sizes to your package group.
Now that the packages are created that contain the desired custom print sizes, the printers need to be set up to allow these print sizes to be printed.
Within the Darkroom software, click on the Setup tab, then go to Printer Options, and finally, All Supported Printers. On the All Supported Printers screen look for your printer. Click on Click Here To Configure which appears as a blue link next to your printer name. The Printer Setup window will appear.
Click on the button called Arrangements, and choose you new page size (or you can choose “Allow All”).