How To Export Order Data from Darkroom 9.1

by / Friday, 08 March 2013 / Published in How To

This article will explain the Data Export feature in Darkroom 9.1. This feature was added in build 1934 and is available as a free update to all current 9.1 owners.

1. In the Completed Orders tab select the orders you would like to export the data of.

2. Right click your mouse and choose Export Order Data.

3. You will be prompted for the location and file name to save the data. You can also choose the Export Format.

4. The file can be opened in Excel or imported into a database program.

5. The data file will include the following fields:

Order ID, Order Type, Order Time, Order Status, Order Status Time, Order Age, Shipping Cost, Tax, Customer Payment, Fulfillment Method, Photo Email, Customer ID, Billing Last Name, Billing First Name, Billing Company, Billing Address 1, Billing Address 2, Billing City, Billing State, Billing Postal Code, Billing Country, Billing Phone, Billing Email, Customer Night Phone, Customer Email, Shipping Last Name, Shipping First Name, Shipping Company, Shipping Address 1, Shipping Address 2, Shipping City, Shipping State, Shipping Postal Code, Shipping Country, Shipping Phone , Shipping Email