It’s Hip to Print Square

by / Thursday, 29 March 2018 / Published in Booth, Darkroom Booth, How To

square-printAlthough square prints have been an option on roll dye subs for a while, there was great buzz about them during PBX 2018. Many printers have done square prints including 6×6 on the Mitsubishi K60, Steve did a post on it in a previous blogpost. Please remember, 4×6 media comes out of the printer horizontally which is why you can print and cut 2-2×6. You cannot cut a 4×4 on 4×6 media on any dye sub printer. To cut 6×6 square prints you need 6×8 media and to print 5×5, you need 5×7 media. Your software must be able to send a square print to the printer. You cannot send a 6×8 photo to a printer set to 6×6 as it may either not print and error out or cut in an odd place.

DNP recently released firmware and drivers for the RX1HS and DS620A printers for 6×6 on the RX1 with 6×8 media and 5×5 on 5×7 and 6×6 on 6×8 media for the DS620A. Visit the official DNP support page for the latest firmware and drivers. The DS40 has the 6×6 capability in the firmware but it is not available within the DNP driver. The DS40 can do 6×6 only with the built in DS40 driver in Darkroom Booth and it is not available in Darkroom Core or Pro at this time. View our selection of DNP media.

Note: the latest release of Darkroom Booth built-in drivers include support for square printing on the DNP DS40, RX1, and DS620 printers.

On the Mitsubishi printers, the CP-K60DW-S and CP-D90DW do 5×5 on 5×7 and 6×6 on 6×8. The CP-D70DW only does 6×6 on 6×8. The CPD70DW does not do 5×5 at all.

The Sinfonia CS2 has a really neat option; It has the 5×5 on 5×7 and 6×6 on 6×8 media. However, it can also cut 1-6×6 and 1-2×6 on a 6×8 to give you a square print and coupon or other photo option.


Square Printing on CS2

When printing 5×5 and 6×6 it should decrease the print time by around 1/3 on 5×5 and ¼ on a 6×6. For 8×8 on the 8×10 printers. The Sinfonia CE1, the DNP DS80 and DNP 820A can cut 8×8 on 8×10 media. The FujiFilm DX100 printer has 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” wide paper. It can print from 3 ½” to 39” long. It can easily print, 4×4 on 4” paper, 5×5 on 5” paper, 6×6 on 6” paper and 8×8 on 8” paper. Currently the HiTi 525 and Brava 21 do not offer any square prints. HiTi is looking into the option.

Here is a breakdown of printers that have square cut capabilities

Microsoft Word - squareprintsIV