There are three versions of the Workflow Darkroom Software; two that are "off-the-shelf" and ready to use instantly, Core and Professional Editions; and another that is significantly more robust and will come with in-person training with purchase, Assembly Edition.

Our newest product, Darkroom Booth, will be designed for photo booth users with more information coming soon. All four Darkroom products have been created by photographers for photographers and are incredibly suited to be scaled to any size photography enterprise. See the comparisons of these options below.



Introducing our new easy to use and powerful photo booth software!

  • Easily customize your Photo Booth Screens and Prints with built-in VISUAL Editor.
  • Control your Photo Booth with touch screen, physical buttons, mouse controls or a combination.
  • Works with any printer and almost any camera including Canon and Nikon SLRs and Webcams…all in the same version of software.
  • Take 1-16 pictures per session.
  • Shoot color, black & white, sepia, or come up with your own.
  • Use a green screen to replace the background.
  • Print, email, post or do all three.
  • Offer template choices on the fly.
  • And Much More!
Buy for $295


Core Edition is ideal for Emerging Professionals, Portrait and Wedding Photographers that are seeking an end-to-end photography business solution that includes:


  • Create limitless print packages
  • Create limitless digital packages including movies, slideshows, marketing packages, and files set to music
  • Create print and digital proof products
  • Fulfill orders with built-in drivers for Windows printers
  • Shoot greenscreen with the industry’s most lauded tools
  • Do advanced editing and retouching (clone, burn, dodge, colorize and all other standard photo-editing tools without opening or owning other software)
  • Use quick plug-in to PhotoShop
  • Direct capture from the industry’s leading digital cameras via cable tether or wirelessly
  • Ability to make new graphic templates and alter built-in and downloadable product templates
  • Plug into Studio Plus for management, reporting and invoicing
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Buy for $495 -or- Upgrade for $195 *Upgrades are done Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm US Central Time.

For more information on how to upgrade a software protection key, CLICK HERE.



Pro Edition is excellent for Studios and Event, Sports, Portrait and Wedding Photographers that want Core Edition features PLUS:


  • Print with direct drivers to the industry’s leading pro-printers
  • Print as your high-quality printer’s manufacturer intended
  • Up to 30% faster with direct drivers
  • Use manufacturer devised ICC profiles for best color output
  • Create media rules for multiple printers, program to send specific print sizes, colors and products to specific printers
  • Network multiple licenses into a multi-computer, networked environment
  • Archive and manage photos between computers
  • Configure multiple sales stations at events or sales kiosks for direct
  • Edit images on one machine, sell and publish on another
  • Easily upload and sell your photos online with PhotoReflect
  • Raster print with defined drivers
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Buy for $1,395 -or- Upgrade for $345 *Upgrades are done Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm US Central Time.

For more information on how to upgrade a software protection key, CLICK HERE.



Assembly Edition is for school, team sport and group photographers seeking a total business system with one singular purchase (no lease, no renewal necessary).


  • Includes every function of both Professional and Core editions
  • Supports 9 different flexible group photography workflows
  • Utilizes bar coding for quick data entry
  • Will auto print, order envelopes, slate cards and shoot sheets
  • Synchronizes data from Assembly Field Stations
  • Simplifies creating yearbook CD’s and print ID cards
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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