New in Booth 2.5

Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion Video

Capture video for slow motion with a GoPro for high frame rates or keep it simple with a Canon DSLR. Videos can be sent via email for clients to view and share. Or use Booth to save videos and deliver to customers after the event. You can even add video to your slideshow.

Booth Share™

Booth Share™

The new social kiosk mode lets your customers view and share their photos by email or text. You can also display a slideshow when not in use or at your command. Booth Share works with any internet browser so you can use a sexy iPad or inexpensive Android tablet.

Booth Control™

Booth Control™

Control and monitor your photo booth from any device with an internet browser including iPhone, Android, tablet, computer, even a $50 Kindle Fire. Monitor and manage photos, printer stats, lock the photo booth, run lights and sounds, update a slideshow, and more. You can even create your own custom functions.

Booth Stats™

Booth Stats™

With Booth Stats you can receive automatic emails or texts from your photo booth with statistics and reports. Whether you are in the next room or sitting on the beach, you can now keep tabs on your photo booth operations by checking your inbox or phone.

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  • Computer, all-in-one or tablet with
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 10
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Intel i3 processor or better

All Darkroom Booth Features

  • Supports Nikon DSLR, Canon DSLR, Webcam & Go Pro all in one program
  • Print to any printer
  • Booth StatsTM - mail or text statistics and reports from your booth
  • Booth ControlTM – control and monitor your booth with your phone
  • Booth ShareTM – built in social kiosk mode for sharing photos
  • Built in and superior green screen drop out capability
  • Slow Motion Video using Canon DSLR or GoPro
  • Booth Control – control and monitor your booth with your phone
  • Video booth mode
  • Voice prompts
  • Attract video or video host capability
  • Animated GIF with Animated Overlays & Backgrounds
  • Visual editing capability for Screen and Print Templates
  • Lots of templates included; customize or create your own
  • Additional editable templates available from Darkroom Templates
  • Touchscreen, Keyboard and USB Button enabled
  • Built in Surveys and Data Collection
  • Light Painting
  • Slideshow, video or gif in slideshow, Instagram slideshow
  • Phidget and coin-op support
  • Take / Retake photo feature, 2x6 / 4x6 choice, photo confirmation
  • Phone and email support M-F 8:30am – 5pm CST

 2.0 Slideshow

Make Slideshows a part of your photo booth experience. Slideshows in Booth 2 are easy to add and customize. Your slideshow can run in your photo booth in attract mode, on external monitors, projectors or even remotely over a network. Show the individual booth photos, the printed strips, or create a new template for a totally customized show! Mix in other images or download from social media.

2.0 Social Media Slideshow

Booth can monitor and download images from Instagram hashtags, Facebook, email, MMS (text) or Dropbox. Use the images to create multi-media slideshows that can be displayed on multiple monitors, projectors, tablets or uploaded to a website.

2.0 Animated GIF

Easily create animated GIFs with animated overlays or combine green screen photos with animated backgrounds to offer your customers a truly unique product. Booth uses templates making it easy to create and customize your animated GIFs - no photoshop required. Here is a free template to get you started.

2.0 Facebook Posting

Post photo booth pictures to Facebook pages, events or user’s timeline. You can create events and pages on the fly. If you don’t have internet that’s not a problem, queued up photos will post when you are back online.

2.0 MMS/SMS Integration

Enable users to text message pictures from your photo booth. Send strips, original photos or a unique layout that you design for your event. Send for free by having user choose their provider or send easier and faster for a small fee via Twilio integration.

2.0 Phidget Support

Use phidgets for input and output to external devices. For example turn video lights on when someone chooses a video session or enters the booth or turn on a vending machine when someone finishes a booth session. Easily control fans, motors, coin acceptors, lights or give the participants control via buttons you add to your touch screen. The possibilities are endless.

2.0 Dropbox Integration

Easily post copies or originals of your booth sessions instantly to Dropbox. Once in Dropbox you can use “recipes” to send your images anywhere you can think of. Share with customers, other applications or social media.

2.0 Take – Retake Photo

Allow users to retake individual photos during a photo booth session. Or enable users to take their picture when they are ready with the touch of a button. Combine these features and settings to offer a truly unique user experience. This new function is easy to set up and customize.

2.0 Play Video

Play videos at any point during the photo booth session. An introductory video from the party host, a thank you message from the bride and groom, a message or ad from the corporate sponsor, even a video or animation between pictures. How about a button that launches an about us video on your photo booth company.

2.0 Quiz & Survey

Survey and quiz people for fun or marketing. See how well people know your host or product before or after they take photos in the booth. Quizzes are like survey questions but they have right and wrong answers. For wedding and parties you can collect great stories and trivia. For corporate events you can collect market insights or educate participants then provide them with a great gift.