Download Darkroom Booth 2.5

(Booth 2.5 is a paid upgrade for those that purchased Booth 1.5 before 1/1/2015)
Click on the download button to download Darkroom Booth version 2.5.534 (posted 5/17/2016). When installing 2.5 we recommend deactivating, installing update, then activating.

  • If this is your first time to run Booth, Visit our getting started page for helpful tips and links to our how to articles and video tutorials.
  • Ready to buy? Darkroom Booth uses an activation code so you can buy the software today and get your activation code within 24 hours.
  • Note: If you have not purchased the software and/or do not have an Activation Code, Booth will run in trial mode and will watermark all incoming images and outgoing prints.
  • Note: Booth 2.5 is a paid upgrade for those that purchased Booth 1.5 before 1/1/2015. If you need an older 1.X version of Darkroom Booth, you can download it below.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Nikon SLR, Canon SLR, or Webcam
  • Internet Connection for Activating software

Booth 2.5 Release Notes
(Paid Upgrade from 1.x unless purchased after 1/1/2015)

Build 2.5.534 (5/17/2016) We recommend deactivating, installing update, then activating.

    (Download: Booth 2.5.534)
  • Added now shows as version 2.5
  • Added option to send Booth Stats (TM) on wrap up page
  • Fixed Prompt when choosing a custom template now works correctly.
  • Fixed issue where correct password may not reveal activation code.
Build 2.0.531 (5/9/2016)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.531)
  • Added Enable / Disable Reprint, Email, MMS in Kiosk Mode in Booth Control settings.
  • Added Ability to play GIF in Slideshow via Mix Folder.
  • Added If not printing, slideshow will use email or phone template instead of print template.
  • Added Message about IIS if port 80 not available.
  • Fixed Reprinting 2x6 from kiosk now prints correct copies.
  • Fixed Photo to Phone variables now work.
  • Fixed Hourly report blank computer name.
Build 2.0.528 (5/4/2016)
  • Known Issue Booth Stat Text doesn't send on Schedule.
  • Known Issue Can't turn off Phone/Email/Reprint in Kiosk mode (yet).
  • Added Slow Motion playback support.
  • Added GoPro Support (learn more here).
  • Added Booth Remote control.
  • Added Remote Booth Lock / Unlock.
  • Added Can share and reprint images from iPad / Tablet / Computer.
  • Added Booth Statistics can be emailed / texted.
  • Added DNP DS620 Direct Driver.
  • Added Fuji DX100 Direct Driver.
  • Added show Videos and Animated GIF in slideshow.
  • Added More Slideshow Transitions and Gallery.
  • Added Survey intro and exit text can be blank.
  • Fixed Animated GIF Loop issue.
  • Fixed Canon T5 and newer video transfer.
  • Fixed Script and Run now work in Device Control.
  • Fixed Can't skip questions in required survey.
  • Fixed Miscellaneous activation issues due to Windows Updates.
  • Fixed "Darkroom appears to have been modified" error message.

Booth 2.0 Release Notes
(Paid Upgrade from 1.x unless purchased after 1/1/2015)

Build 2.0.479 (1/20/2016)

    (Download: Booth 2.0.479)
  • Added support for Canon EOS 5DS, 5DS R, T6s, 760D, 8000D, T6i, 750D, X8i.
  • Fixed issue with Twilio Authorization.
  • Fixed audio not stopping when attract mode was exited.
  • Fixed Phidget control when using BoothMode.exe.
  • Reprint when using template selection now prints the correct size.
  • Fixed Slideshow social media harvest update issue.
  • Better support for international phone numbers.
  • Fix for on screen numpad.
  • Fix for Booth mode not returning to attract mode.
  • fix for social media harvesting not updating in channel 2.
  • Added a video option prompt at the end of a session.
  • Fixed registration issue with non-US characters.
  • Can now edit Survey text prompts.
Build 2.0.471 (12/10/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.471)
  • Added Template size / selection (ie 2x6, 4x6. Limit of 2 sizes, 50 different templates).
  • Moved Text prompts for "Copies" and "E-Delivery" to Text tab (from Main)
  • Added Create a Sample (print/file) from Template Chooser.
  • Added Sample images at X:SamplePhotos (see ReadMe.txt in same folder).
  • Added Tool Tips for text prompts.
  • Added Select Primary/Secondary Print template to Booth Commands.
  • Added support for Canon EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R /EOS REBEL T6s / EOS 760D / EOS 8000D / EOS REBEL T6i / EOS 750D / EOS Kiss X8i.
  • Added Can play a video before sessions as attract mode with overlaid text.
  • Added looping video option.
  • Added keyboard hotkeys to Toggle Color/B&W, Color/Sepia, Color/Antique.
  • Fixed Windows printer page size issue.
  • Fixed Page color RGB numbers issue.
  • Fixed Print start if video played at the end.
  • Fixed time between photos now independent of countdown.
Build 2.0.461 (11/23/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.461)
  • Fixed issue with Full Size GIF creation.
  • Fixed issue with GIF looping.
  • Fixed issue with GIF "distributed frames" setting.
Build 2.0.457 (11/18/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.457)
  • Added Advanced Animated GIF support (repeat/distribute frames settings)
  • Can select multiple templates at once in Animation settings (use shift or ctrl key)
  • Can select up to 60 templates for Animation (previously limited to 10)
  • Use bigger GIF palette for email/disk, still small palette for MMS (smaller file size)
  • System Info reports Windows versions more accurately
Build 2.0.455 (11/12/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.455)
  • Added support for Animated GIF Output for Email, MMS (Phone), and Copy Originals.
  • Option to Require Survey before starting session (mandatory survey).
  • Enhanced performance when using slideshow and quiz or survey.
  • Corrected issue with removing / adding Instagram Account.
Build 2.0.451 (11/2/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.451)
  • Added “Manage” slideshow feature with load/save settings (video).
  • Added Image harvesting for slideshow from Instagram, Facebook, email, MMS and Dropbox.
  • Added Multi Channel Support for slides show.
  • Added Reset slide show.
  • Fixed Slideshow survey/quiz results.
  • Fixed Booth commands in "device control".
  • Improved error handling and messages.
Build 2.0.445 (10/21/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.445)
  • Fixed issue with uploading to Facebook pages
  • Slideshow can continue on 2nd monitor when exiting Booth mode
  • Added CTRL-R "monitoring" to ignore accidental reprints
  • Better messaging for startup errors
  • Added new arrangement selector in Slideshow page
  • Added transparent output option for Slideshow templates
  • Added gap/no gap option for slide show
  • Fixed issue with text display on attract mode
  • Fixed screen redraw issue on Slideshow tab
  • Fixed issue when Browse was selected before a slideshow was generated
  • Fixed issue with slideshow error after 230 images
  • Fixed wrap up issue due to slideshow failure
  • Fixed navigation enabled requirement issue in 433
Build 2.0.433 (9/17/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.433)
  • NEW Slideshow Feature!
  • Known Slideshow Issue: must have navigation "Enabled" when in Custom Mode or you'll get error.
  • Added new Menu system to make vertical displays easier to use
  • Added Play video recording at the end of the session.
  • Fixed issue where prints were not saved if Time after last photo was 0
  • Fixed issue where custom message on Photo to Phone was not saving
  • Fixed Stop Sound option in Device Control
Build 2.0.408 (7/23/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.408)
  • Added Nikon D5500, D7200, D810A, Nikon 1 V3 (1V3 must have latest firmware)
  • Added improper shutdown message
  • Added warning message if date/time is wrong
  • Fixed issue with Twillio Authorization
  • Fixed the Run option in Device Control
  • Fixed digital output PNG and PSD file types
  • Fixed survey prompt for Video only sessions
  • Fixed an issue if a countdown was set longer than the time between photos
  • Fixed an issue with sending emails to a fixed address
  • Fixed an issue with Ctrl V
  • Fixed several activation issues
Build 2.0.400 (6/26/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.400)
  • Fixes registration/activation problem with &
  • adds 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8 square print sizes for Windows printers
  • No longer runs in Windows XP due to video playback
Build 2.0.399 (6/22/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.399)
  • NOTE: No longer runs in Windows XP due to video playback
  • Fixed Facebook Page-Album Posting
  • Fixed Phidget blink
  • Added Phidget Tool Tips
  • Fixed Take Photo Command
  • Survey/Quiz prompt now editable
  • Added option to Playback recorded video after session
  • Added option to play mp4 and mov files
Build 2.0.396 (6/10/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.396)
  • Fixed metroPCS Email
  • Updated Facebook login for low res screens
  • Updated Activation Error messages
Build 2.0.394 (6/9/2015)
    (Download: Booth 2.0.394)
  • Added post to Facebook event, page, album, timeline
  • Added user post to Facebook
  • Added upload to Dropbox
  • Added photo to phone via SMS / MMS
  • Added retake photo option
  • Added retake video option
  • Added take photo Now option
  • Added Survey/Quiz option
  • Added Twillio support
  • Added Phidget support
  • Added the ability to play video
  • Added option for different template for each output
  • Added Wrap up tab
  • Added output Survey/Quiz results
  • Added option to save videos to camera or computer (if supported by camera)
  • Fixed Liveview cropping

Booth 1.5 Release Notes

Build 1.5.296 (5/6/2015)

    (Download: Booth 296)
  • Option to leave video on Canon SLR
Build 1.5.293 (4/1/2015)
    (Download: Booth 293)
  • Fixed issue with reprint quantities to Windows Printers
Build 1.5.290 (2/18/2015)
    (Download: Booth 290)
  • Fixed issue with Webcam video recording
  • Fixed issue with Save Image 1 and 2 when set to .png and .PSD
  • Fixed an issue with Digital delivery with .png and .PSD
  • Fixed an issue with .png when files size was set to medium or preview
Build 1.5.288 (2/6/2015)
  • Added Brava 21 printer driver
  • Added center adjustment to DNP DS40 and RX-1 Printers (and reset)
  • Updated 2x6 alignment for DNP printers
  • Mouse and serial buttons retain settings from previous releases
  • Fixed undo attribute change
  • Fixed Toggle color/B&W for mouse button
  • Fixed Mouse button to reprint last does not stop current session
  • Reprint after face detection for quantity only reprints 1 set
  • Fixed CMYK graphics issue
  • Fixed separate white balance for live view issue
Build 1.5.286 (10/28/2014)
    (Download: Booth 286)
  • Fixed screen issue of shapes not drawing correctly.
  • Fixed Canon external flash issue.
  • Added support for Nikon D5300, D610 and D810.
Build 1.5.283 (10/20/2014)
    (Download: Booth 283)
  • Add sound support with embedding sounds in screen file!
  • Can save Original Photos in additional location. A template can be added as well!
  • Can use multi-photo template with "Copy Original Image" feature.
  • Ability to record videos when using a Webcam.
  • Revamp Settings sub-tabs to make active tab more clear.
  • Split text and timing into 2 tabs to allow more settings.
  • Warning if you enter booth mode with no printer enabled.
  • Email prompt can now start at beginning of session.
  • Email prompt is now editable.
  • Email prompt duration can be adjusted.
  • DNP DS40 Printer option to cut 4x6's into 2x6 strips.
  • Webcam videos can configure audio recording device.
  • Cameras in unsupported mode generate a warning in most cases.
  • Support for Canon Digital Rebel XT and other legacy cameras.
  • Copies prompt can be set to before session.
  • Help link to added.
  • Auto fill for countdown sound files.
  • All menu items added for mouse/serial options.
  • Camera detection fixed.
  • Camera save settings fixed.
  • Camera disconnect live view recover fixed.
  • Face detection for print quantity fixed.
  • Printing begins before email entry (again).
  • Chroma key setting check box fixed.
  • Video file saving with SLRs fixed.
  • Memory leak when switching events with no edits fixed
  • Issue where a bad email address can hold up other emails is fixed.
Build 1.00.248 (8/5/2014)
    (Download: Booth 248)
  • Dramatically improved green screen for live view and print.
  • Added save to memory card option for SLR cameras.
  • @ Prefix fonts no longer show.
  • Fixes failed focus issue on last frame in session.
  • Fixes incompatibility with some graphics types.
  • Can Auto recall last camera settings.
  • Large graphics added to templates are now resized.
  • DNP printers allow 180 rotation for perforated media.
  • Removed use of RAW camera files.
  • Added status window for copy and burn.
  • Fixed error when slide show was selected on copy and burn.
  • Webcams mounted upside down work correctly.
  • Emails with double dot work correctly with .com key.
  • Save image command now warns if location is not valid.
  • LV for Canon and Nikon can stay on indefinitely (not recommended).
  • Booth now prompts for license removal during uninstall.
Build 1.00.231 (3/5/2014)
    (Download: Booth 231)
  • Added lots of new templates and screens!
  • Changed / added new sample events to make getting started easier.
  • Changed default bleed for Windows printers to 20 instead of 0.
Build 1.00.229 (1/10/2014)
    (Download: Booth 229)
  • Fixed email with no internet connection slowdown.
  • Fixed connection issue with older Nikon cameras.
  • Fixed Live View issue with Nikon D5200 and D7100.
  • Fixed video recording issue that affected some Canon cameras.
  • Added ALT + short cut keys that change mode and start booth session.
  • Added CTRL +L to Toggle Live view on or off.
  • Added video recording in any mode (P,M,S,A) with Canon cameras.
  • Added resolution adjustment for webcams.
Build 1.00.217 (10/10/2013)
    (Download: Booth 217)
  • ISSUE: Nikon D3/D300/D5200/D7100 Not detected in this build, use 193 Below or contact support for a beta fix.
  • Faster frame rate with Live View / fixed memory issue
  • Video recording for Canon and Nikon SLRs (SLR must support video recording, Webcam support coming soon)
  • Added Sample Video Booth events
  • 2x7, 2x8 Strip Sizes added
  • Scroll Bars added for low res screens
  • Reprint menu no longer affects live view
  • Booth mode on second monitor live view issue fixed
  • Entering email + .com button issue fixed
  • Powershot cameras no longer lose settings
  • Default prevents extra copies on one 4x6 print
  • CTRL R (reprint) after email fixed
  • Face Detect / number of prints fixed
  • Photo email only sending 1 image when set to Full size fixed
  • Windows printer automatically sets page size correctly
Build 1.00.193 (8/26/2013)
    (Download: Booth 193)
  • Canon Powershot G5-G10 and Powershot S1, S3, S5 now supported!
  • Camera Control! Adjust your camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc) from Darkroom Booth.
  • DNP DS-RX1 cut adjustment improved (built-in driver).
  • Email prompt for small screens improved.
Build 1.00.180 (7/12/2013)
    (Download: Booth 180)
  • Added access to email addresses from sessions (settings- main- view email addresses).
  • Added saving templates in trial mode.
  • Fixed DNP RX1 Spacing issue.
  • Removed template descriptions.
  • Fixed Shinko CHC1245 4x8 print issue.
  • Fixed green screen rotation issue.
Build 1.00.171 (6/27/2013)
    (Download: Booth 171)
  • Updated Trial/non-licensed mode: allows capture/printing/sessions with watermarks and timeouts
  • Liveview crops to aspect ratio (instead of stretching).
  • Hardware key (dongle) support added
  • Added Delete All to Print Queue
  • Added auto-updater to check for new updates
  • UPDR200 (built-in driver) 2x6 Cut Fix.
  • Small screen size fixes.
Build 1.00.163 (6/10/2013)
    (Download: Booth 163)
  • When live view is paused after picture taken, the actual picture taken is shown
  • Removed screen size restrictions
  • Fixed Canon live view issue
  • Updates to Live View visibility (can turn live view on/off during session)
  • Tweaked Countdown timer drawing
Build 1.00.160 (posted 6/6/2013)
  • Fixed live view issue with older Nikon cameras
  • Fixed full size email to use template
  • Changed Windows Printer setup to default to "allow all" sizes
  • Misc bug fixes, optimizations
Build 1.00.154 (5/24/2013)
  • Text and Graphics can be shown / hidden at different times during session using "When Shown" property!
    This is awesome. Video and sample templates coming asap.
  • Face Detect feature updated (print copy for each person)
  • Option to exit booth mode by touching corner ("hit area to exit" in controls screen).
  • Can choose "copy or burn files" from Prints or Photos tab
Build 1.00.148 (5/20/2013)
  • Added ability for entry level Canon SLRs (like Rebel series) to use External Flash AND have decent live view.
Build 1.00.147 (5/17/2013)
  • Fixed Canon live view on Windows XP
  • Cleaned up some menus
Build 1.00.145 (posted 5/16/2013)
  • BUG: Canon Live view on XP is currently not working. Fixed in next release
  • Live View frame rates improved.
  • Choose Graphic buttons work correctly.
  • Printing extra copies based on # of faces detected should work for all cameras.
  • Border shape text issue is resolved.
Build 1.00.142 (posted 5/10/2013)
  • Added touch screen button support via shapes and graphics.
Build 1.00.139
  • Face detection not enabled. Fixed in next build.
  • Emailing full size only sends first image.