Darkroom Software

Solutions for the Professional Photographer
and Photo Booth Business

Introducing Darkroom Event Gallery

Ideal for emerging professionals, portrait, wedding photographers and those shooting small to medium events that are seeking an end-to-end photography business solution.

Adds the power of networking and built-in printer drivers providing a scalable photography business solution for large events, attractions, labs and high-volume studios.

A sophisticated and easy to use photo booth solution built upon the trusted and dependable foundation of Darkroom Software, and brought to you by the same customer focused sales and support team.


Our users have some great things to say about us.

  • It is amazing! The easiest, most creative photo booth software ever. User friendly beyond belief, and it allows endless options with templates, screens, etc. There won't be frustrating hours trying to run it, because there are clear video instructions that Darkroom Booth provides.
    Susan Rusconi
  • I’m so flippin excited! This will be perfect for our kiosks. I had troubles running other programs simultaneously and now this will accomplish everything I was trying to do without having to pay $1,000 in different software!
    Sean Pennington
  • I say this with great sincerity....I sure wish there were more customer service oriented people and businesses like you. I haven't even purchased the product and yet you are willing to take time out of your day to assist me with this. I look forward to working with you and your company in the near future.
    Valarie Moon
  • I have been using Core for a year. It has changed the way I do my workflow. I have started shooting almost exclusively green screen and most jobs I do on the spot printing with my DS80 and DS40.
    Morrie Turner
  • Darkroom Booth rocks again! Hello… it’s called service people, and I and my wife are thoroughly impressed. Images were properly and quickly re-installed into my software so we could properly load to flashdrive for client. Very cool and excited for the newest update soon.
    Mike Flynn
  • [on Darkroom v9.2.wow] ...and I love it all over again! The Facebook integration, suweet! Dropbox integration, suweet! Both worked the first time, gonna check out other new features. Go Darkroom Team Go!