The idea for Darkroom Software was born in 1994 when a hobby photographer and a Windows programmer proposed a way to create custom baseball cards at little league games on-site. Express Digital Graphics, Inc. was founded and quickly became the industry-leading provider of professional digital imaging workflow, e-commerce and lab connectivity solutions.

In 2004, Darkroom was created specifically for enthusiast and professional photographers to provide a software solution that automates most requirements of any-sized photography business. In 2005, the awards and accolades came in when Darkroom won every prestigious photography solution award and corporations like Carnival Cruises, Sears Portrait Studios, Noritsu, Canon, Fujifilm, and more began demanding the Darkroom solution for their proprietary systems. Thanks to the dedication of the software development team and the professional photographers using the software, the Darkroom portfolio has evolved into one of the most sought after workflow solutions for making money in professional photography. A recent PPA study indicates that 1 in 3 professional photographers use a version of Darkroom to automate their business.

In 2010 three industry veterans formed a new company called Darkroom Software, LLC. Based in Dallas, Texas, this new company purchased the Darkroom portfolio of products from Express Digital Graphics, including Darkroom Core, Darkroom Pro and Darkroom Assembly.

Darkroom Software, LLC is owned and operated by the same team that founded Imaging Spectrum, Inc., a long time value added reseller and provider of digital photography and printing solutions. The team’s goal is to continue to develop and support the best money-making workflow software for professional photographers.


Darkroom Software, LLC.
1101 Summit Ave
Plano, Texas 75074 U.S.A.


Len HendersonQuickpix Imaging
"I have been using Darkroom Software for 13 years, Version 9.1 is the best yet."
Tiffany BurkeExtreme Photography
"The new release of Version 9.1 has implemented updates and features that work great and have already added to our profits."
Kate CaudilloGet the Picture, Inc.
"Darkroom Version 9.1 does great new things. For starters I can provide my clients digital images sharable on Facebook and Twitter on the spot."