With Darkroom Booth 2 you can replace text instructions with video prompts. In this example we used a dancing Santa video with a transparent alpha channel overlaid on a screen shot of the screen display. After adding an appropriate voiceover with instructions we added the video to the booth session in the Device control section

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Did you know that you can use an animated gif as a slideshow background image in Darkroom Booth photo booth software? With Booth it is easy to create a custom slideshow for your Halloween event! <– click the image to see the animation! *Download this animated GIF and use it in your Darkroom Booth Halloween

Sign up for the next Darkroom Software webinar: Darkroom Booth Template Design Basics – Prints, Screens, Slideshow Stand out from the crowd by designing a unique and personal photo booth experience for your clients using Darkroom Booth. Our Booth expert, Wally Carnes, will show you how easy it is to customize or create your own

As the lines between the traditional photo booth experience and good old fashioned event photography become more blurred, we thought it might be a good time to explain the differences between Darkroom Booth, our popular photo booth software and Darkroom Core & Pro, our industry standard event photography workflow management software. Gone are the days

Use an Automator to Post to “Anywhere” Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, the list goes on and the requests from your clients get trickier and seem to change by the week! Unlock the social potential of your photo booth with Darkroom Booth photo booth software and Dropbox. Once your photos are uploaded to a Dropbox

UPDATE: Phidget Idea Contest Winners We received a lot of great ideas on creative ways to use phidgets in photo booths. These three were our favorites and each will receive a Phidget 1014. Thanks to all who entered! Tom Garrett We do a photo booth for a few haunted attractions around Halloween time. It would

How does Booth 2 upgrade work?

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Darkroom Booth version 2 is an upgrade over 1.5 and so requires its own activation. When you run Booth 2 for the first time, it will ask you for an activation code. There are two kinds of Booth 2 activation codes, Full Code (i.e. a new 2.0 purchase) and Upgrade Code (this could be a

Phidget for Darkroom Booth

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What are Phidgets and why do you care? One of the new additions to Darkroom Booth 2 is Phidget control. Phidgets are “Products for USB Sensing and Control”. Huh? Phidgets is a company that makes little boards that can connect to your computer with a USB cable. On the other end of the board, you

Imaging USA Show Specials

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If you will be in Nashville for Imaging USA please visit us at Booth 655. We will showing some exciting new features soon to be added to Darkroom Booth, Core and Pro software. You can take advantage of the following show specials on our website through Friday February 6, 2015. $25 Off Darkroom Booth Photo

Here are a couple of holiday themed templates that you can easily customize and use for your holiday photo booth events. These templates are available as a free download and include sounds and a matching 2×6 print layout. Check out the preview videos to see how they work with sound. Download the Darkroom Booth files