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The most successful photo booths deliver a fun and memorable experience that keep your customers coming back.  It's the things you don't see that make a difference and that's where Darkroom Booth comes in providing ways to customize your interface, manage your process and connect the working parts.
Our photo booth software is sophisticated yet easy to use and you will not find better support anywhere else.

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New in Booth 3

  • Hashtag Printing from a Kiosk with Custom Template
  • Post GIFs and Videos to Facebook
  • Print Signing
  • Type-a-Note on Prints
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Send Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files
  • Custom Booth Lock Screens
  • Built in Support for Bill Acceptors
  • Booth Photo Book PDF Output
  • Simple Boomerang GIF Setup
  • Post VR 180 and 360 Images to Facebook
  • Auto Prompt Text Entry
  • Include Survey/Quiz Entries in Print Templates
  • Add Custom Template to Facebook Posts
  • Auto Image Cropping
  • Auto Head Placement
  • Burst Mode/Boomerang with Chroma-key Support
  • Full Support for Panoramic Sizes on DNP DS620 and 820 Printers
  • Custom Keyboard/Prompt Placement

Customize Your Booth Experience

  • Customize booth screens or prints with the built-in template editor
  • Add your own custom sounds or background track
  • Unlimited print options from Polaroid style to a jumbo strip with logos, text and graphics
  • Users can text message pictures from your photo booth
  • Control devices such as lights, fans, bill acceptors with phidget support
  • Survey and quiz people for fun or marketing
  • Add videos to any part of the booth session
  • Let users easily retake photos and video
  • Upload to Dropbox

Easy to Use and Powerful

  • Easy to learn and use visual interface
  • Includes hundreds of templates for immediate use
  • Built in camera detection and printer drivers
  • Easily manage settings for different types of events with the event catalog
  • Save individual photos, with or without templates and export to cd, thumb drives or other media
  • Create a light painting, video, slow motion, or traditional booth all with the same software
Dave StephensonFacebook Photo Booth Network & iSmile Booth
I want to say how much I love Booth 2. I have been using the Dropbox feature that I set up ahead of time and send a link to my customers so their pictures are ready when the night is done. I also set up the QR Code to go to my gallery. It was very easy to link my Twillio and Darkroom Booth accounts so they can text inside or outside the booth.
Michael DavisDSLR Photo Booths
The addition of Phidget support and Dropbox are two of my favorites. Phidget support allows the software to control electronic devices such as modeling lights, a fan or call attendant light. The Dropbox feature is a must have to offer your corporate clients.
Jon SharpBooth Pix
Installation was seamless; installed, entered update code and bam! event ready in 2 minutes. One really cool feature is the 'Retake' option. Set to appear on screen briefly after each photo. Fantastic, no more 'I hate that one' or 'oh no I blinked'. No waiting at the end of the night to burn copies of the photos to a folder with the new wrap-up tab.