10 Things You Don’t Know About Darkroom Booth

by / Monday, 16 May 2016 / Published in Booth

Darkroom Booth software is deep and truly gives you the freedom to do just about anything with your photo booth experience. All while maintaining simplicity. We are amazed every day at the cool things some of our customers are doing. And hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear the comment “I didn’t know I could do that with Darkroom Booth!” So here is a list of some of the more popular features of Darkroom Booth that many users don’t know about.

Darkroom Booth photo video screen

  1. Take 3 poses and let the user select the best one to print
  2. Email one strip design, print another strip design, upload a 3rd design to Facebook and text an animated GIF all from the same session – whoa really?! Yes!
  3. Allow the user the choice to do a still photo session or a video session from the start screen
  4. Ask user if they want to record a video after a photo session completes
  5. Correct template mistakes by using the Wrap up tab
  6. Insert Event data such as date or name automatically in screen, print or slideshow templates
  7. Let Booth choose the number of copies based on the number of people in the photo
  8. Save the slideshow folder off to a CD or thumb drive after an event for running separately from Booth.
  9. Use the Quiz feature with Device Control and a Phidget relay to turn on a light or sound a buzzer based on the answer
  10. Play a sound or video at any time in the booth using your cellphone or tablet

Learn how to do these things and more by using these resources:
Visit our online manual at www.boothmanual.com
Visit our Youtube channel for tutorials www.youtube.com/darkroomsoftware
Visit our online forum www.darkroomsoftware.com
Visit the Darkroom template store for custimizable screen and print templates

If you need assistance you can contact our support team support@darkroomsoftware.com