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Assembly Edition, 40 Years of Photography, and How Setting High Standards Improves Reputation and Rates Written By, Kerry Raminiak Part One of our interview with Doug Axford of Northlight Studio Ltd. (of St. George, Ontario an hour west of Toronto) found us awestruck with great advice for the team and individual sports photographer. So far,

The next two Darkroom 101 Webinars have been scheduled! Darkroom 101 Learn the basics of Darkroom in one hour!   Tues Nov 20, 2012 12pm EDT, 11am CDT, 10am MDT, 9am PDT REGISTER NOW   Thurs Dec 13, 2012 4pm EDT, 3pm CDT, 2pm MDT, 1pm PDT REGISTER NOW   Topics include: Creating catalogs Importing

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Assembly Edition, 40 Years of Photography, and How Setting High Standards Improves Reputation and Rates Written By, Kerry Raminiak While finding a veteran sports team and individual photographer is not particularly difficult, finding one that we can pin down during a busy season is nearly impossible. Imagine our surprise then, when Doug Axford of Northlight

Panoramic team photos are a popular item among high school and college teams and using Photoshop can be time consuming to do. As a challenge to defend Darkroom’s statement on our website “Minutes in Darkroom = hours in Photoshop” I am going to duplicate a cheer squad panoramic that was done in Photoshop and took

Darkroom Software Used To Seamlessly Run Event Warren Baum of See It Now, Inc. photographs the event and prints photo gifts on-site. This video shows event photography in action for a cocktail party at the Ferrari Dealership in Denver, CO!

Photographing kids, schools, sports, parties and events! Written By, Kerry Raminiak Tod Cohen, as a photographer, wears many hats. Tod Cohen Photography offers life-event photography services with a special flare. As a franchise owner of TSS Photography, he produces student and youth sports photography and image products. Tod Cohen also teaches Creativity/ Photography workshops and

These borders are really cool and use many of the advanced template features in Darkrooom. Watch this video showing them in use TEMPLATES 4×6 Border Pack – Baseball/Softball 4×6 Borders Preview 5×7 Border Pack – Baseball/Softball 5×7 Borders Preview 8×10 Border Pack – Baseball/Softball 8×10 Borders Preview Misc. Border Pack – Baseball/Softball Misc Borders Preview

Event-Photos & Darkroom turn one day of comics into a day with heroes Written By, Kerry Raminiak Regular Darkroom Newsletter and Blog readers should recognize the name Ian Griffiths and his company Event-Photos (UK). Ian and company were featured in one of our very first newsletters ever (Event Photos Has the X Factor) and we have always been delighted to