Green Screen Secrets

Sunday, 18 September 2011 by

Easily one of the most popular features of DARKROOM is the green screen dropout. It works great and it is extremely flexible when you know the ins-and-outs of making backgrounds and foregrounds, color settings, and the limits of your own creativity. Because the world of green screen has so many varieties, we reached out to

Corporate Photos Go Social

Thursday, 25 August 2011 by

Photographer Spotlight: Professional Images Photography

Perhaps you’ve read the recent headlines that social media is taking over convention and event photography. It may be because of the ambition of Joseph Rodriguez and his San Antonio-based company, Professional Images Photography. It appears they are getting some attention from their editorial article about how they’ve found a workflow and service line that not only provides near-instant prints at corporate events, but also, a simultaneous email with the same image — branded with the corporate sponsor’s logo and often in front of a greenscreen image.

Apparently there’s a lot of buzz when “everyone was tweeting, facebooking and forwarding the photos [they got via email] with the company logo prominently displayed” and that it was the “hit of the tradeshow floor with everyone giggling when their phones began pinging.”

It was a tradeshow marketers dream come true.

When we found out that Professional Images Photography does it all with DARKROOM Professional Edition, we knew we had to pick their brain before convention season formally kicks off on Memorial Day. We reached out to owner, Joseph Rodriguez about what inspired him to create this service offering and the much talked-about article.

School Daze

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 by

Photographer Spotlight: Sport Pics Founded a little over six years ago (although the company was created from another pair of companies over 30 years old), New Berlin, Wisconsin’s, Sport Pics, has become a case-study in how to be a ‘player’ (pun intended) in school and sport (team and individual) photography by steadily increasing the number

Since day one of our ownership of DARKROOM, it has been our mission to improve and instill a top-notch support system for the software. We believe we have succeeded by offering a support hotline and a beefed-up support staff and system — to many accolades. To continue these strides, we are pleased to introduce you

Prepping for Prom

Friday, 15 April 2011 by

Photographer Spotlight: Keith Trainor It’s that time of year when corsages are being pinned and fathers all around the world are taking a deep and concerned breathe: Prom Season! So we thought we would touch base with avid DARKROOM Professional Edition user Keith Trainor to pick his brain about what makes his company such a

Dear Darkroom Users

Thursday, 14 October 2010 by

Some of you may recognize me as I’ve been a long time member of the Darkroom Software Yahoo group and an even longer-time Darkroom user/reseller with a family-owned company called Imaging Spectrum based in Dallas, TX. A couple colleagues and I (actually, they are my brothers Mike and Eric, but please don’t hold that against

A Lab Perspective

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 by

Photographer Spotlight: Ted Bullard & Richmond Pro Lab Over the course of the past two months, prominent surveyors such as InfoTrends, In-Stat and PMA have published reports on the state of the industry and we found ourselves wondering "are these findings are really impacting the pro market?" To get to the bottom of this, we

Photographer Spotlight: Kalin Ivanov Kalin Ivanov is a pretty busy guy. He’s an IT tech, plays Elwood Blues in musical productions, and is a very successful photographer. His trick, he does all those things for Viva Las Vegas where he takes all of the wedding pictures for the very popular Vegas chapel, edits and loads

Event Photos Has the X Factor

Saturday, 23 January 2010 by

Photographer Spotlight: Ian Griffiths Bedfordshire, England’s Ian Griffiths of Event Photos has no problem dealing with tough clients. Not only has he secured contracts with corporations like Avon and British Gas, he had to audition for Simon Cowell. In his own words, "When Simon, Cheryl, Dannii and ‘the other one’ decided that auditionees for the

Senior Portraits Get Funky

Thursday, 10 December 2009 by

Photographer Spotlight: Todd Van Fleet Todd Van Fleet, owner and operator of 303 Photo & Design, knows that connecting with the customer and offering innovative product and workflow solutions are surefire ways to win and retain clients. This "out of the box" professional photographer wowed audiences during the Spotlight Track at ImagingUSA 2009 with his