Darkroom Booth and Darkroom Core – What’s the difference?

As the lines between the traditional photo booth experience and good old fashioned event photography become more blurred, we thought it might be a good time to explain the differences between Darkroom Booth, our popular photo booth software and Darkroom Core & Pro, our industry standard event photography workflow management software.

Gone are the days when a photo booth meant cramming into a dark little cabinet and pushing a button to get a photo. Now there are “photo booths” that don’t include a booth. There are photo booths where an actual photographer takes the photo or where guests use a “clicker” to take their own photo. There are photo booths that print traditional 2×6 strips but others that print 6×8 jumbo strips or even posters. On the other end, there are Santa Claus photo operations that are using an automated “open-air” style photo booth instead of a traditional photo set up that would have included a photographer, big lights and an assistant. Photo marketing events ditch the photographer and set up a customized branded photo booth. And even more telling and maybe significant to your business: long time event photographers are building photo booths and experienced photo booth companies are accepting jobs that include event photography.

So I asked a veteran, our very own operations manager Wally Carnes, to create an easy to read list of the key differences between Darkroom Booth and Darkroom Core software. Wally is a 35 year veteran of the photography industry who has managed a professional photo lab, shot hundreds of traditional events and weddings as a professional photographer, and has operated a photo booth business for 10 years.

“Darkroom Booth is designed to be an automated, user operated photo booth application where Core is designed to have a more flexible workflow to provide a photographer or operator a variety of options for event activations and studio operation.” ~ Wally Carnes

Darkroom BoothDarkroom Booth photo booth software

• Designed to be an automated, end user operated photo booth software
• No per-click fees
• Pre-set print sizes for the most popular photo strip sizes from 2×6 to 8×12
• Features unique to a photo booth such as sound, video play back and Phidget relay support
• Built in screen designer with touch screen support to custom tailor the “look and feel” of the user experience
• Video recording support
• Support for webcams
• Support for Facebook uploading and sending images by text and email
• Slideshow feature for external monitors outside the booth or on the actual photo booth monitor in “attract mode”

Darkroom CoreDarkroom Core photography workflow software

• Designed to be operated by a photographer and provide maximum workflow flexibility
• No per-click fees
• Large number of pre-set print sizes from wallets to 30×40
• Support for custom print sizes
• Designed for still image photos only
• Multi package support
• Packages can contain multiple items and be printed with a single key press
• Built in support for Photoreflect.com online web ordering and Labtricity Photo lab order placement
• Support for Facebook uploading and sending images by text and email
• Includes “image harvesting” for Facebook and Instagram
• Support for multiple Hot folder import for different auto output
• Can receive images by email and text for auto printing and other output
• Report system for tracking sales by user
• Editable shopping cart as well as invoice and receipt creation and printing
• Discounted price structure configurable
• Configurable “service” pricing for items such as retouching and editing
• Extensive image editing and retouching in Photo Workshop
• Green screen masking tool for “problem” images
• More extensive image and event management including event type, file renaming and archiving
• Limited and customizable Event mode that restricts feature access
• Print templates can prompt for text input when selected to customize prints
• Customizable workflow
• Support for wireless image transfer

Darkroom ProDarkroom Pro Photography workflow software

• All the features of Darkroom Core plus…
• Raster printer
• Large format wet and dry lab printing support
• Acts as a server in a client/server configuration

Hopefully you found this post helpful but if I only managed to blur the lines even more please contact us and we would be happy to answer any software or workflow questions you have.