Using Tether Tools for a Photo Booth or Event Photography

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Booth 2.5 Overview

When we posted our Booth 2.5 Preview video with the screen shot above we received lots of questions about the photo booth set up in the picture. It is the Vu-2 Kit from Tether Tools. We like it for testing and demonstrating as all the components are visible and easy to adjust and remove. It is great for event photography but can also be used as an “open air” style photo booth. Here is a detailed description from our friends at Tether Tools.

Studio Vu-2 Kit from Tether Tools Quickly and Easily Turns Your Gear into a Photo Booth

Designed with the professional and amateur photographer in mind, the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth from Tether Tools sets up easy, travels light, and won’t break the bank.

Made up of five separate parts, the Studio-Vu 2 Photo Booth kit allows you to put together a camera, a monitor, and c-stand or lightstand into a ready-to-use photo booth. High in quality, but low in price, the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth from Tether Tools sets up and breakdown with ease, is fully customizable, and best of all, it generates extra event revenue while using your existing gear.

What’s included in the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth:Vu Photo Booth from Tether Tools

Why Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth?

  • Quick, easy, and inexpensive
  • Use your existing gear to keep costs down
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Reusable components add to flexibility to your gear bag
  • Easy disassembly for portability
  • Ideal for weddings and event photography
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Studio Vu-2 Monitor Mount holds HDTV and monitors up to 85 lbs and can be placed on any 5/8″ (16mm) studio stud found on standard lightstands and c-stands. No angling device is needed.

If you would like to provide the option of printing on-site, the Tether Table Aero Master Table is the perfect size to accommodate a small printer and computer. All you need is a stand for that table and you have a complete workstation in a small area.

Final – Things You Need:

  • Camera
  • HDTV or Monitor
  • Lightstand or C-Stand with Ballhead
  • Computer with Darkroom Booth Software
  • Sandbag (to secure the weight of the photo booth)
  • Lighting (we use an Alien Bee in our set up)
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB Cable (specific to your camera)

And now you’re ready to set up, shoot and share images with guests!  Bring your gear, Tether Tools will put it all together and you’re good to go; ready to shoot and share images with guests. Get more details about the Studio Vu-2 Photo Booth at