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Multiple Capture Options

Still Images, GIFs & Bursts

Booth for iPad supports multiple image modes, including still images, GIFs and Burst GIFs. Run all modes in the same event, or choose any combination of the three.

Oh, we also have Boomerang mode. Everyone loves a good Boomerang.

Email Sharing

Super quick email sharing

Send a simple email with the image attached for easy sharing.

We also help with smart email prefixing (type @g and we’ll suggest


Camera Control

Fine tune your camera

You never need to worry about poor lighting at an event again.

Booth for iPad allows you to choose from the default camera settings or you can adjust your ISO and white balance to suit your needs.

Offline Mode

No internet, no problem.

Events are created and started on the device, meaning they aren’t reliant on the Cloud.

Without internet access, Booth for iPad operates as normal and all shares and files are queued for sending when the device comes online again.

Your guests can even use AirDrop for immediate sharing without internet connection.


Branded real-time microsites

Booth for iPad links with EventGallery and provides microsite image hosting and creates live galleries during events.

EventGallery has the ability to use custom branding and a custom domain.

An Event Gallery account is required


No cloud and proud

We don’t use our own cloud servers – deliberately.

Instead, we use the cloud experts like Dropbox and OneDrive to ensure our app won’t crash, meaning there’s one less thing for you to worry about at an event.

Unlimited Events up to 10 Devices

Unlimited events

We don’t want to limit you.

One subscription to Booth for iPad gives you unlimited events on as many as 10 devices with your Apple ID account.


Talk the talk

There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate an app written in a language you don’t speak.

All text in Booth for iPad is fully customizable, which means you can adjust it to say what you like, in whatever language you like. It’s great for international events!


Add a little something extra

Overlays allow you to add your company’s branding to images, or give an event a personal touch by creating a custom design to match any themes or colours.

Different overlays can be used on each image mode simply by uploading the design from your device or cloud storage.

White Label

Make it yours

We like our logo and colors. You can use them. Or not. Replace our logo and colors with yours.

Use your own email address and phone number for sharing. Make the app have no reference to the Darkroom brand at all.

Using EventGallery? You can also use your own domain for share links.

Marketing Automation

Get smart with your marketing, automatically

Link in with Zapier (via BCC or File Sync) to create smart marketing automations.

With this, you can use Booth for iPad to automatically add users to email lists or post images from events directly to Twitter.


Hard copy prints

Booth for iPad supports printing via AirPrint! This option is available in share extensions.

You can also print photos at your events by using our hotfolder printing app.

Data Capture & Analytics

Your event synopsis

Booth for iPad enables you to see the number of sessions and shares from each event at a glance.

You’re also able to export event data as a report, including the email addresses and phone numbers used when sharing.

File Sync

Sync all photos automatically

Sync all photo assets to Dropbox or OneDrive. Options include to save MP4s, GIFs, overlay and raw images.

You can also save to the camera roll of your iPad.

SMS Sharing

Share via text messages

Share photos via text messaging (SMS) using your Twilio or MessageBird account.

As it’s your own account, all messages come from your number (or name).

Custom Sharing

Via the iOS share extensions

Using the native iOS share extensions, you can share images to other apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

AirDrop Sharing

Instant sharing to iOS devices

Use AirDrop to share images with other Apple devices – it doesn’t even need internet!