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Craft and Customize The Perfect Setup

  • Complete control of every element, including payments: add coin-op, arcade buttons or other external controls, with built-in support for bill acceptors
  • Fully customizable experience for customers: video, sound, multi monitor support, lights, bells and whistles with phidget support
  • Booth will run on a computer, all-in-one or tablet with Windows OS
A Multi-Device Control Center For Your Booth

  • Control and monitor your booth from any phone, computer or tablet with Windows OS using Booth Control™
  • Mail or text statistics and reports from Booth Control™
  • Touchscreen, keyboard and USB button or voice-activation enabled

Build An Experience Around Your Brand

  • Includes over 75 free, customizable templates for print and screen. Or you can even create your own, including custom lock screens
  • Built in surveys, quizzes and data collection
  • Direct wireless or cable tether capture from the industry’s leading digital cameras, webcams and GoPro
Every Customer Gets The Perfect Shot

  • Allow users to take a photo when they’re ready, at the touch of a button
  • Users can re-take individual photos during a booth session, number of prints or re-print options
  • Let users choose their favorite photo. They can take 3 shots, pick the “best pose”, then finish the session, which is ideal for formal events such as dances, black tie affairs, and complements the green screen well.
Let Attendees Play

  • Attendees can take photos, videos (including slow-motion), and GIFs, including Boomerangs for Instagram. Everyone loves a Boomerang.
  • Customers can make their mark with light painting, and the option to type a note or sign prints
  • Run quizzes and contests to engage people, then pick winners at random or from your Booth control app. Winning can trigger a special template, coupon, lights and sounds

More Ways to Share


  • Share photos, videos and GIFs via text or email
  • Auto upload sessions to for even more sharing options
  • Send media via MMS/SMS, or as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files. Upload to an event folder in the cloud with Dropbox integration
Offer your clients more

  • Superior green screen functionality built – in
  • Use green screen with overlays or video
  • Run slideshows on external monitors
  • Facebook ready VR 180 & 360 images

Like this program!

Lora Donaldson-Korba April 14, 2020

Like this program!

Lora Donaldson-Korba April 14, 2020

Build A Booth That Attendees Love Love Love

Invest in Darkroom Booth and craft a brand experience that stays with your customers long after the party’s over.