Build A Booth That Attendees Absolutely Love

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Craft and Customize The Perfect Setup

  • Complete control of every element, including payments: add coin-op, arcade buttons or other external controls, with built-in support for bill acceptors
  • Fully customizable experience for customers: video, sound, multi monitor support, lights, bells and whistles with phidget support
  • Booth will run on a computer, all-in-one or tablet with Windows OS

A Multi-Device Control Center For Your Booth

  • Control and monitor your booth from any phone, computer or tablet with Windows OS using Booth Control™
  • Mail or text statistics and reports from Booth Control™
  • Touchscreen, keyboard and USB button or voice-activation enabled
  • Use QR codes to start a booth session or provide links to photo galleries or promotional website


Build An Experience Around Your Brand

  • Includes over 75 free, customizable templates for print and screen. Or you can even create your own, including custom lock screens
  • Built in surveys, quizzes and data collection
  • Direct wireless or cable tether capture from the industry’s leading digital cameras, webcams and GoPro
Every Customer Gets The Perfect Shot

  • Allow users to take a photo when they’re ready, at the touch of a button
  • Users can re-take individual photos during a booth session, number of prints or re-print options
  • Let users choose their favorite photo. They can take 3 shots, pick the “best pose”, then finish the session, which is ideal for formal events such as dances, black tie affairs, and complements the green screen well.
Let Attendees Play

  • Attendees can take photos, videos (including slow-motion), and GIFs, including Boomerangs for Instagram. Everyone loves a Boomerang.
  • Customers can make their mark with light painting, and the option to type a note or sign prints
  • Run quizzes and contests to engage people, then pick winners at random or from your Booth control app. Winning can trigger a special template, coupon, lights and sounds

More Ways to Share


  • Share photos, videos and GIFs via text or email
  • Auto upload sessions to for even more sharing options
  • Send media via MMS/SMS, or as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files. Upload to an event folder in the cloud with Dropbox integration
Offer your clients more

  • Superior green screen functionality built – in
  • Use green screen with overlays or video
  • Run slideshows on external monitors
  • Facebook ready VR 180 & 360 images

Like this program!

Lora Donaldson-Korba April 14, 2020

Like this program!

Lora Donaldson-Korba April 14, 2020

Build A Booth That Attendees Love Love Love

Invest in Darkroom Booth and craft a brand experience that stays with your customers long after the party’s over.

Already own Booth and ready to upgrade to 3.0?

For owners of Booth 2.x, the upgrade to 3.0 is $195 and you can make the purchase in your darkroom Booth program. To start the upgrade process simply download, install and run Booth 3.0 over your currently activated 2.x and follow the prompts. Your computer will need an internet connection to complete the payment process.

Booth 3 includes 1 year of software updates and support, also called software maintenance. An additional year of updates and support (maintenance) is $95. When your maintenance plan expires, your software will continue to function, but you will not have access to support or the latest versions. If your maintenance has been expired for more than a year, the upgrade price goes to $195.

Booth 1.0 or 1.5 owners, there is no discounted upgrade to Booth 3.0

Download Booth 3 here