Download Hotfolder

Darkroom Hotfolder App


Darkroom Hotfolder App allows you to easily manage a folder of images and auto-print to a connected printer.


  • Option to auto-post to
  • Browsable queue for easy reprints.
  • Auto detect and configure a connected printer using Darkroom's built in print drivers.
  • Select and print to a connected Windows printer.
  • Simple plug-and-play printing using Darkroom's awesome print engine.

The following printers are directly supported and do not require driver installation.

  • Ciaat Brava 21
  • DNP DS40
  • DNP DS80
  • DNP RX-1 and Rx-1 HS
  • DNP DS620
  • DNP DS820
  • Mitsubishi CPD70DW
  • Mitsubishi CPD80DW
  • Mitsubishi CPD90DW
  • Mitsubishi CPK60D

Hot Folder 1.00.123 (11/05/2019)


  • Option to only post images to the gallery and not print
  • Option to leave images in the hotfolder instead of removing


  • Issue with bleed on some print sizes on Mitsubishi printers built in drivers
  • Issue with printing extra copies with Mitsubishi printers
  • Fixed an issue regarding duplicate dates in the posting